After the second demolition of their village, a restraining order prohibited Sheikh Sayah al-Touri, his son 'Aziz and his uncle Isma'il from being in their village with their family, who along with the rest of the villagers and with volunteers, are busy rebuilding the village. They had to find shelter in the nearby village cemetery; the restraining order was only cancelled on August 19.8. The following appeal by Sheikh Sayah was written down a few days ago.

השייח' סיאח אל-טורי

I would like to say a few words to the entire Jewish people and to all the citizens of the State of Israel, Arabs and Jews. Take a good look at the acts which the state is committing against innocent citizens, and think of the future - about our life here, in good neighborly relations, one alongside another, a good life.

I ask you and all people of consciense in Israel to stand up and go to the streets and say: "Let us all come together to tell the government: Enough! Stop abusing innocent citizens!"

נער וביתו ההרוס

Demand that the Prime Minister Netanyhau and Foreign Minister Lieberman end all discrimination and put an end to the activities of the "Green Patrol", which had been set up to persecute the Bedouins, to expel us from our land. End this dispossession, so that we can tell our children to live here in peace and in brotherhood with the rest of the citizens.

The Bedouins are citizens of Israel. We want to live in dignity; we are not intruders.

These lands are not state lands. These lands are the lands of the tribes in al-Arakib, and those calling us "invaders" should answer the following question: Did the State of Israel bring along all these lands with it when it was founded, or were these lands here before its establishment?

מבנים באלעראקיב

I used to trust the courts, but I no longer do. I have been struggling through the court system for 12 years, and they are all against us: A man resides on his land - and he is an invader; if he presents a document to prove his ownership – they say it is forged.

They say: your documents, your legal traditions are worthless. But our documents are not just a piece of paper: Our cemetery has been here since Ottoman times; we have stone houses and water wells from the time before 1948 [the year the state of Israel was founded], there are aerial photos from 1946... but all this is not enough. They only offer us one thing: agree to pay rent for residing on this land. How can I do so? If I do, I will be acknowledging that the land is not mine, that it belongs to the state!

And if I really am an invader - why are they offering me money as compensation for the land I am supposed to give up? They are offering an offending, meager sum of money, but the offer itself shows that we have rights to this land. They are not offering me compensation because I am a “nice Bedouin”.

حرش السفراء

My second message goes out to governments of other states, to the Arab states too, and especially to states with ambassadors in Israel: The State of Israel is expropriating the lands of the Bedouins and planting trees on them, such as the "Ambassadors’ Forest", not far from here. The state steals Bedouin lands, as if this is not being done for itself but in order to honor other states. Will you be part of this action?

There is also a third message, which I wish to deliver to older Jews, those who live in Israel:

Stand by the Bedouins. Stand by us, for we are suffering under this government, just like older Jewish citizens suffered in other states. We too have almost no one to stand by us and sympathize with us and say "Enough!" to all the government's wrongdoings. Only if Jews stand with us, hand in hand, can we stop these wrongdoings.

I sit here at the cemetery. A restraining order prevents me from joining the members of my household, my family, my friends, in my own village.