We have no financial means apart from members’ contributions.

We cannot submit our political project to the logic of NGOization. Yet, if social engagement is not to remain the privilege of the few, we need some funds.

Donations enable us to continue our work as an independent left-wing movement and enable all our members to take part in it.

By Check: you may donate by writing us a check payable to "Chiburim le-Peula Meshutefet" and send it to:

Tarabut, P.O. Box 39724, Tel Aviv 61397

Money Transfer: you may transfer donations to:

"Chiburim le-Peula Meshutefet", Bank HaPoalim, Einstein Branch (no. 778), Account no. 436411 (12-778-436411), IBAN: IL02-0127-7800-0000-0436-411, Swift code: poalilit.

Our deepest appreciation,