In another week or two, when the Israeli primary season ends and the echoes of exploding rockets will fade from the TV screens, we'll see who really cares about the residents of Israel's south, Jews and Palestinians. Who is dismantling public housing? Who is slashing the budgets of the hospitals? Who is throwing up bureaucratic hurdles in the face of people claiming their national insurance benefits? Who will use every excuse in the book not to compensate people for the physical damage and lost working days? Who will present any compensation, no matter how meager, as if it were charity and as if the state coffers are their own private bank account that they were nice enough to share?

The politicians in Likud Beteynu and the governing coalition, along with most establishment opposition parties don't really care about the people who live in the south, not even their children by the looks of how underfunded the education system there is.

They will continue to look down upon the residents of the south and all working class populations throughout the country. They will continue to ignore most Bedouin villages and towns in the south of course, because though they may be good enough to be counted as Israeli casualties when they die or are injured (one Bedouin citizen of Israel was killed in a rocket attack), they're not good enough to have bomb shelters and state services. Why? Let's see who really comes down to identify with the southern residents in a few weeks. Let's see, when Bibi will try to pass his austerity budget, who really cares about the children and elderly of Israel, and who cares about them only enough to use them as excuses for wars and for gaining political power.