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Acre: Updates and Urgent Alert

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Acre face aux anciens et nouveaux colons

Acre (Ar. Akka), l’une des plus belles villes du Moyen-Orient, est devenue le terrain d’une guerre d’usure menée par des institutions étatiques, des associations de colons et de gentrificateurs contre les habitants palestiniens de la ville. La reconnaissance de la vieille ville d’Acre comme patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO ne protège pas ses habitants de la pauvreté et de la misère, de même qu’elle ne leur fournit pas d’immunité face à l'expropriation. Au contraire : cette reconnaissance ouvre des opportunités aux investisseurs et une conjoncture favorable pour des colons nationalistes: Un rapport spécial »

We are being slaughtered with a rusty knife

While houses are built in the occupied West Bank as a 'punishment' to the Palestinian people, the Israeli occupation forces continue to also abuse Palestinians in more direct ways. In Nabi Samuel, a village under siege, every hut or building constructed are soon destroyed. Residents who dare to protest are beaten and humiliated. An important report by Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt, who tirelessly and with courage continue in bringing to our attention what we might not want to know. The banality of the occupation. »

On the Road: First Alley

Touches there, respond here... When does memory create victimization, and how can it becomes a base for action, for taking responsibility? The Palestinian memory as a place to fight from, not to be trapped inside, but rather to come out of it in order to shape the future. A challenge for Palestinians, a challenge for Israelis. »