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Vittorio – une autre Victime dans une longue lutte

Whoever murdered Vittorio does not struggle to end the Occupation. Whoever wishes to cleanse the Gaza Strip of volunteers aims to remove solidarity, humanity, and leave the Palestinian population more exposed, more vulnerable to the shells and bombs of the Occupation forces. »

War is not child’s play. Neither is our children’s education.

What does one do when children video clips explain to kinder garden children how fun is serving in the army? Shirly Karavani writes about the dilemmas in carrying personal and political life. »

Why Israel’s Dismantling of Public Housing is a Crime

Last Wednesday, a landmark event took place in the struggle for social justice in Israel. A “Popular Court” was conducted, in which the criminals behind Israel’s public housing policy were put on trial. Those whose rights were violated by the public housing policy appeared for the first time not as humble petitioners pleading for mercy, and not as the irresponsible or the already-guilty, but as witnesses and plaintiffs who charge the system with violating their dignity, robbing them of their humanity, and abdicating its responsibility to serve as a social safety net for the most impoverished strata of society. »

We are being slaughtered with a rusty knife

While houses are built in the occupied West Bank as a 'punishment' to the Palestinian people, the Israeli occupation forces continue to also abuse Palestinians in more direct ways. In Nabi Samuel, a village under siege, every hut or building constructed are soon destroyed. Residents who dare to protest are beaten and humiliated. An important report by Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt, who tirelessly and with courage continue in bringing to our attention what we might not want to know. The banality of the occupation. »

A Message From Abdallah Abu Rahmah on International Human Rights Day

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, the coordinator of the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall and the Settlements, whose struggle has become a symbol for popular, nonviolent struggle in Palestine, is now in prison. He was convicted by by an Israel military court of "organizing illegal demonstrations", and sentenced to one year in jail. Here is a message from Abdallah, written for the International Human Rights Day. »

Solidarity with the Palestinian Political Prisoners in their Just Struggle!

A joint public statement of politcal organizations from both sides of the green line: Solidarity with the Palestinian Political Prisoners in their Just Struggle! »

What do the Palestinian Prisoners Want? What are they struggling for?

Media outlets started reporting on the Palestinian prisoners’ massive hunger strike with an enormous delay, but they rarely if ever explain the reasons for it and the prisoners’ demands. The strike has two main demands: and end to administrative detentions, and prison conditions befitting human dignity. Right now, two hunger striking prisoners are near death after having fasted for over 75 days—Bilal Diab and Tha’er Halahleh. »

Shooting and Weeping

הטקסט המקורי של קובי ניב מ-1976. מוקדש לכיבוש הארור, במלאת לו 45 שנים. Kobi Niv's original text, dedicated to the cruel Israeli occupation, which celebrates 45 years. »

Palestinian Freedom Fighter and Human Rights Defender: Dr. Iyad A-Sarraj

Dr. Iyad a-Sarraj, Palestinian freedom fighter and human rights defender, has left us. Some words in his memory by Joseph Algazy »