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The Egyptian People Have Won

The Egyptian People Have Won—Long Live the Democratic Revolution in the Middle East »

Supporting the Syrian People Fighting for Freedom - Objections and Responses

We, the Tarabut-Hithabrut movement, support unequivocally the Syrian people in their struggle for their liberty and their rights. There are those who say that the situation in Syrian and the wider regional reality is complex, and they are right. However, we want to directly address various objections raised against taking a position in favor of the democratic uprising of the Syrian people »

A State with a Bomb

There's a country round here, no names mentioned, that not so long ago – really not – acquired atomic weapons and now threatens the peace of the region... »

Zionism is a Prison

Zionism is an ideological prison for social change in Israel. It is an ideological prison that separates Jews and Arabs. Even “soft Zionism,” which is said to be moderate and conciliatory, is not able to guarantee equal rights and full participation for twenty percent of the population. There is no partial equality. No such thing as “a little bit equal.” And who can say that 20% of the population (including 50% of children below the poverty line) are full and equal partners, when they are excluded from any movement for social change or revolution? Those who do not acknowledge that the state must recognize full and equal rights (individual and collective) – for its citizens, between the two peoples, between all of the various religious communities and cultural groups that exist within it – are probably seeking to preserve their privilege, the illusion of superiority. This cannot be reconciled with serious social reform. »

A State with a Bomb

There is nameless state in our region that some time ago – quite recently in fact – has obtained nuclear weapons with which it is threatening the peace of the whole region. ‘According to foreign sources’, it has between 150 and 400 nuclear, hydrogen and neutron bombs, quite sufficient for the whole Middle East; quite sufficient, in fact, for a considerable part of the globe. How has it obtained these weapons? ‘Illegally’ as they say: at times through falsifying documents and concluding secret agreements with colonial powers, at times through cheating the inspectors who have come to view its nuclear reactor, at times through lies, and at times simply through maintaining ‘nuclear ambiguity’. »