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Occupy, Colonize, Exploit: The Economic Use of the Separation Barrier

How much do the masters pay the natives in the occupied territories? At the Solor factory – 90, 120 NIS a day. Where? In a fortified compound between the Separation Fence and Tulkarem. How roadblocks and fences manufacture manpower for exploitation? »

A Message From Abdallah Abu Rahmah on International Human Rights Day

Abdallah Abu Rahmah, the coordinator of the Bil'in Popular Committee Against the Wall and the Settlements, whose struggle has become a symbol for popular, nonviolent struggle in Palestine, is now in prison. He was convicted by by an Israel military court of "organizing illegal demonstrations", and sentenced to one year in jail. Here is a message from Abdallah, written for the International Human Rights Day. »

A Joint Struggle for an End to the Occupation and Racism

On Saturday, 7 May 2011, a Palestinian-Israeli joint conference was held in Hebron. Here is the joint declaration that was published at the end of the conference. »

Left forces from both sides of the Green Line Meet in Hebron

A left challenge to the politics of fear and separation: 300 activists from both sides of the Green Line discuss the challenges and difficulties at the Hebron Left Conference. »

Acre face aux anciens et nouveaux colons

Acre (Ar. Akka), l’une des plus belles villes du Moyen-Orient, est devenue le terrain d’une guerre d’usure menée par des institutions étatiques, des associations de colons et de gentrificateurs contre les habitants palestiniens de la ville. La reconnaissance de la vieille ville d’Acre comme patrimoine mondial par l’UNESCO ne protège pas ses habitants de la pauvreté et de la misère, de même qu’elle ne leur fournit pas d’immunité face à l'expropriation. Au contraire : cette reconnaissance ouvre des opportunités aux investisseurs et une conjoncture favorable pour des colons nationalistes: Un rapport spécial »

We are being slaughtered with a rusty knife

While houses are built in the occupied West Bank as a 'punishment' to the Palestinian people, the Israeli occupation forces continue to also abuse Palestinians in more direct ways. In Nabi Samuel, a village under siege, every hut or building constructed are soon destroyed. Residents who dare to protest are beaten and humiliated. An important report by Aya Kaniuk and Tamar Goldschmidt, who tirelessly and with courage continue in bringing to our attention what we might not want to know. The banality of the occupation. »

JNF in the Jordan Valley: Colonization Now

In the Jordan Valley, colonization is based on the exploitation of scarce resources, such as water, for the benefit of the settlements specializing in export agriculture. For several years the area was cut off from the rest of the West Bank, and currently Palestinian communities holding on to their land are under threat of deportation. The Jewish National Fund is a major actor in the colonization of the Jordan Valley. We are publishing an updated report based on fresh evidence gathered by activists. »

For the sake of peace, it is time to put an end to peace negotiations

After 20 years of a failed and fictitious peace process, there is no more room for ‘processes’ that serve as substitutes for peace. There is nothing left to clarify between the two sides. The only possible compromise for a peace agreement is well known. »

The Settlers Take Over the Rajabi House in Hebron: Apartheid in Motion

Israel's High Court legitimised the takeover of the Rajabi House in Hebron. Another step of a war conducted against the Palestinian residents, lead by the settlers, protected by the IDF. See for yourselves. »

Israel and Gaza: A longer, painful story

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian forces in Gaza does not merely reflect the current politics of the rulers of the two societies. It has deeper roots that go back to the wounds of 1948 - and Moshe Dayan knew this well »

Acre: Updates and Urgent Alert

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Shooting and Weeping

הטקסט המקורי של קובי ניב מ-1976. מוקדש לכיבוש הארור, במלאת לו 45 שנים. Kobi Niv's original text, dedicated to the cruel Israeli occupation, which celebrates 45 years. »

Hithabrut-Tarabut Calls for the Immediate Annulment of the Paris Protocol

The Hithabrut-Tarabut movement calls for the immediate annulment of the Paris Protocol and the establishment of an independent Palestinian economy, an economy that will not be beholden to the needs of that the occupying power. Economic independence is the first step in achieving Palestinian sovereignty. No sovereignty is possible under the Protocol... »

The JNF is starting to pay for dispossession

JNF-UK lost 50% of its income from donations in 2011. It's not going anywhere-- they've got more than enough money, and the bulldozers in the Negev/Naqab desert are not skipping a beat. A-Araqib Village spokesperson Dr. Awad Abu Freih: "This is a great achievement in our struggle. There is much more that needs doing, but the true face of the JNF is starting to come to light." »

The Jewish National Fund for the West Bank Settlers

The journalist Raviv Drucker published an internal document from the financial department of the Jewish National Fund on his blog. The document details how much the JNF spends on "development initiatives" for settlers in the occupied West Bank. »