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What is social justice and what makes a nation

What is social justice and what makes a nation? Viki Vaanunu, public housing activist, speech given at the Sapir conference, January, 2012. »

The Making of a Social Activist: Reuven Abergil

Reuven Abergil, one of the founders of the Israeli Black Panthers, the social movement who shook Israeli society at the beginning of the 1970s, now a member of Tarabut-Hit’habrut, talks about growing up in a poor neighborhood in Jerusalem and the beginning of the Black Panthers movement in Israel. »

An Israeli Spring? Critical reflections on the Israeli mass protests

Last summer's social protests exposed the contradictions of the current economic and political order. The voices of the protests were not limited to those of the traditional middle classes: Such contradictions are also opportunities that challenge us to promote change and not to stand idly by. A critical overview of the protest »

Why Israel’s Dismantling of Public Housing is a Crime

Last Wednesday, a landmark event took place in the struggle for social justice in Israel. A “Popular Court” was conducted, in which the criminals behind Israel’s public housing policy were put on trial. Those whose rights were violated by the public housing policy appeared for the first time not as humble petitioners pleading for mercy, and not as the irresponsible or the already-guilty, but as witnesses and plaintiffs who charge the system with violating their dignity, robbing them of their humanity, and abdicating its responsibility to serve as a social safety net for the most impoverished strata of society. »