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Free the hostages from the politicians of death

The Israeli government declared a war on Gaza. »

La Lucha por la paz dentro de Israel:

Las ilusiones irradiadas hacia el mundo occidental por los gobiernos anteriores fueron destrozadas por los recientes bombardeos a Gaza. No obstante, habrá que continuar bregando por una perspectiva de convivencia judeo-árabe y desmantelar la actitud colonialista y de chalet amurallado de Israel. »

The Knotted Roots of Today’s Conflict

What happened in Acca? What is happening in Jaffa? What is happening in Gaza? »

A State with a Bomb

There's a country round here, no names mentioned, that not so long ago – really not – acquired atomic weapons and now threatens the peace of the region... »

Zionism is a Prison

Zionism is an ideological prison for social change in Israel. It is an ideological prison that separates Jews and Arabs. Even “soft Zionism,” which is said to be moderate and conciliatory, is not able to guarantee equal rights and full participation for twenty percent of the population. There is no partial equality. No such thing as “a little bit equal.” And who can say that 20% of the population (including 50% of children below the poverty line) are full and equal partners, when they are excluded from any movement for social change or revolution? Those who do not acknowledge that the state must recognize full and equal rights (individual and collective) – for its citizens, between the two peoples, between all of the various religious communities and cultural groups that exist within it – are probably seeking to preserve their privilege, the illusion of superiority. This cannot be reconciled with serious social reform. »

Israel and Gaza: A longer, painful story

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian forces in Gaza does not merely reflect the current politics of the rulers of the two societies. It has deeper roots that go back to the wounds of 1948 - and Moshe Dayan knew this well »

We need a liberation movement—not a conservative peace camp

Gerardo Leibner analyzes the composition of the Israeli "peace camp" and shows how interests of privileged groups within it lead to conservatism and stagnation: "To really have peace, to enable Israelis and Palestinians to make peace between them, we need a deep sociological change, we need de-colonization, to stop theft and dispossession, both physical and cultural. That's why we're trying to build a liberation movement before it is even possible to talk about a peace movement." »

A State with a Bomb

There is nameless state in our region that some time ago – quite recently in fact – has obtained nuclear weapons with which it is threatening the peace of the whole region. ‘According to foreign sources’, it has between 150 and 400 nuclear, hydrogen and neutron bombs, quite sufficient for the whole Middle East; quite sufficient, in fact, for a considerable part of the globe. How has it obtained these weapons? ‘Illegally’ as they say: at times through falsifying documents and concluding secret agreements with colonial powers, at times through cheating the inspectors who have come to view its nuclear reactor, at times through lies, and at times simply through maintaining ‘nuclear ambiguity’. »

Заложники политиканов

Месяцы израильского терроризма только посеяли в Газе отчаяние и поддержку тех, кто обещал добиться освобождения силой оружия »


Liberate gli ostaggi dei politici del terrore »

After the War - Back to the Rulers' War of Attrition Against Israel's Social Per

In another week or two, when the Israeli primary season ends and the echoes of exploding rockets will fade from the TV screens, we'll see who really cares about the residents of Israel's south, Jews and Palestinians. Let's see, when Bibi will try to pass his austerity budget, who really cares about the children and elderly of Israel, and who cares about them only enough to use them as excuses for wars and for gaining political power »

The Lords Send in the Commandos

It's time to think about those who sit in offices and issue orders to continue the blockade – even at the price of killing; those who alternate between stoking and extinguishing the flames as needed; who prepare the lists of products that cannot be brought into Gaza – pencils, medicines, spices; those who ordered the attack on the Peace Flotilla; those who use pools of blood as a smoke screen. »

Stop the killing! Stop the siege! Stop the attack on Gaza!

All of Israel’s military might – the aircrafts, the bulldozers, the "smart bombs" – will be to no avail. They would not make the Palestinians disappear, nor make them accept life under occupation. As long as the military rule over another people continues, as long as the blockade of the Gaza Strip continues – resistance will continue. You wish to put an end to this? End the occupation. »

Os Senhores Despacham Suas Tropas

É hora de pensar sobre aqueles que ficam em seus escritórios e emitem ordens para manter o bloqueio – mesmo ao custo de vidas humanas; aqueles que revezam entre atiçar e extinguir as labaredas de acordo com a necessidade; que preparam as listas de produtos que não podem entrar em Gaza – lápis, remédios, temperos; aqueles que ordenaram o ataque à “Flotilha da Liberdade”; os homens que usam piscinas de sangue como cortinas de fumaça. »

Les seigneurs envoient les commandos

Il est temps de penser à ceux qui sont assis dans des bureaux et donnent l'ordre de continuer le blocus – même s'il faut tuer pour cela; ceux qui alternent entre bouter le feu et l'éteindre, selon le besoin; ceux qui préparent la liste des produits qui ne peuvent entrer à Gaza: des stylos, des médicaments, ou des épices; ceux qui ont donné l'ordre d'attaquer la Flotille de la paix; ceux qui utilisent le sang pour faire un écran de fumée. »

The Egyptian People Have Won

The Egyptian People Have Won—Long Live the Democratic Revolution in the Middle East »

Vittorio – une autre Victime dans une longue lutte

Whoever murdered Vittorio does not struggle to end the Occupation. Whoever wishes to cleanse the Gaza Strip of volunteers aims to remove solidarity, humanity, and leave the Palestinian population more exposed, more vulnerable to the shells and bombs of the Occupation forces. »

Masters of War

The suffering of Israelis living in the south of the country is not diminished by Israeli bombings of Gaza. Terrorizing children in Gaza will not guarantee security for the people in Sderot and Ashdod. When they want to fight a war, all of a sudden they start speaking in the name of the Israel’ southern periphery, but once the war is over, they forget about the south and the people who live there. For them, people's suffering is only an excuse to cause more suffering, not to actually address social suffering. Death only brings more death, and the suffering – everybody’s suffering – must be stopped. »